Fondant SEABEE Cake Topper – US Navy

September 16, 2015


Last week I was busy creating a cake topper of an odd looking colorful bee holding tools and a gun. WOW, that sounds so bizarre!



This bee is also know as The Fighting SEABEE, mascot of the US Naval Construction Battalion. The photo above is one of the actual bee statues that stands at the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park, site of the original Naval Construction Battalion in World War II. The “Bee” sports a sailor’s cap, big teeth, and holding a pipe wrench in one hand, a hammer in another, and a machine gun in two other hands.  I never knew of the Seabees before but I’m thankful that I got to make this topper and learn more about a part of our US Navy.


Here are some side views of this odd bee that will be placed on top of a cake.



The SEABEE topper was pretty time consuming because everything had to be done in stages so that it would dry properly.  The tools in the bee’s hands were one of the first things I made and the arms had to dry before I could attach the tools to the hands. Everything was a process! The actual body and base were carved out of styrofoam. The topper had a long way to travel and needed to be sturdy for the road trip.  The bee was covered in fondant but I also used modeling chocolate to cover the arms that were made of wire.


Below is one of the “Fighting Seabee” statues.  The finished cake topper structure was changed a bit because I needed more support in the front arms that were holding the tommy gun. I had to use skewers that were covered in green fondant to hold the weight of the arms, hoping that it wouldn’t affect the look of the bee. This part of the process was stressful but I finally figured it out!



I hope you enjoyed my Seabee blog entry and thank you to all our U.S. Military for protecting our great country!



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