How To Cut a Cake

January 23, 2016


It has been so long since I’ve been in a kitchen to bake a cake. Today was my day to make a simple little cake that my family could share for dessert. My family and I have had a whirl wind of changes that include moving across the country to learning how to drive in the snow again. Today, I also wanted to try out my oven that came with the house we just purchased. It’s a convection oven but a little different than the one I had in Arizona.


My kids couldn’t wait to devour the cake!


I made a 6 inch vanilla cake iced in vanilla buttercream. I piped rosettes on the cake and topped it with a white fondant bow. Below are a couple of photos that show how I advise people to cut a cake. I hope this helps anyone who needs help in this department.



The cakes that I create are usually pretty tall, at least 5 to 6 inch in height. People are usually pretty scared to cut into the cakes because they think they will squash it or ruin the cake. I always tell people that it was meant to be eaten so don’t worry if you deform it.

First, I cut a circle into the inner part of the cake. You need a long and sharp knife for this. Be sure to cut all the way to the bottom.


Second, I cut one inch sections with my knife point starting at the inner circle.


Third, I cut the one inch pieces all around the cake and when they are served, I start to cut the inner circle of cake. You can repeat this process with the inner circle or just cut it in wedges.  This is a really small cake so I just needed one circle in the middle. For large party cakes, I would cut at least two inner circles and you get a lot more cake in the end. I have seen people cut a large cake like a pie and they run out of cake because the cake pieces they were serving were too big. No wasting cake!!


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