Ombre Cross of Flowers – Baptism Cake

March 20, 2016


Today I made a baptism cake for a beautiful little girl named Hazel. This is my first cake in a loooooooong time and it was really nice getting back into the kitchen. Hazel’s cake was a  6 inch vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant.


I started the prep for this cake 4 days ago. I cut out all the little flowers with my new mini flower plunger cutter. I LOVE these cutters because they just pop right out and are ready to work with. I used my ball tool with a sponge square to give the flowers a curved shape and also give them movement.  My 6 inch cake pan came in handy for the guide of how many flowers I really needed for the top of the cake.


The flowers had 4 days to dry and today I attached them to the top of the cake with a quick batch of gum glue (a chunk of fondant dissolved in water) To make the ombre pink flowers, I started with the bright pink colored fondant and added white fondant each time I needed a new row of flowers.


I finally purchased a pearl necklace mold for the rosary around the cake. I LOVE this mold as well! Using molds saves so much time and sweat….not to mention they make the fondant object look really clean and precise. I bought the mold at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon and it was only $6.00.

I hope you like Hazel’s cake and I hope to post another cake sooner than later. Take cake.



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