“Little Man” 1st Birthday Cakes – Fondant Mustache

May 15, 2016


This week I made a cute cake for a 1st birthday party and it was all about mustaches. I really liked  making this cake because it was simple but had some details that were so cute.

13629107This plate was the inspiration for the theme and colors for this party. I tried to stick to the polka dots and bright colors for the cake as well. The focal points for the cake were just like the plate, a big black mustache and a bright red bow tie.


The big cake was a two tier vanilla cake iced in vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant. The 6 inch cake on top had peanut butter buttercream filling and the 8 inch was filled with vanilla buttercream.


The tiny cake was a 4 inch smash cake. It was vanilla cake iced in blue vanilla buttercream. The is the perfect size for smashing!! I didn’t cover this one in fondant because it’s too hard for a one year old to smash and dig into the cake with fondant on the outside.


I wanted to share with you how I made the 3-D bow tie that was on the 8 inch cake. First, I made a simple fondant bow, like the one you would make for Minnie Mouse. Instead of standing the bow up like a Minnie Bow,  I laid it down flat to dry. The second day of drying I flipped it over to dry the back. Be careful not to smash the knot of the bow by drying it flat on the board. Instead, your need something soft for the bow to dry on. I used paper towels and gave it a nice cushy bed. In the third day of drying, I flipped it one more time to dry flat the normal way. And on day four, I used a toothpick to dig out a hole from the back of the bow. I used royal icing as glue and glued in a nice thick lollipop stick to the back of the bow, like the photo above. This gave the bow support when it was pushed into the cake. This was so the bow wouldn’t fall right off or tear the fondant off the cake because it was so heavy.

I hope you like the “little man” cake and I look forward to sharing more cakes with you soon.



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