50’s Soda Shop Cake – 65th Birthday

May 22, 2016


This weekend I did my first ever surprise party! My mother-in-law turned 65 yesterday and we had a 50’s soda shop party to celebrate her special day.  We dressed up in 50’s clothes and had a party with record decorations, glass bottle coca colas, good music and much more.


I decided to make a jukebox and records as the focal points of the cake. We didn’t have that many people to feed so I just used a dummy cake as the bottom tier of the cake. The top tier was a 7 inch vanilla cake, iced and filled with vanilla buttercream.  I had a couple of weeks to work on the bottom tier and all the decorations. When I could find time, I would hurry and make all the cute 50’s stuff for the cake.


The kids and I painted a jukebox and milkshake out of an old tv moving box. I drew it out with pencil and they painted it. When it dried, I outlined everything in black to finish it off. We hung records and paper music notes on the fence and had checkerboard table clothes on the tables. I found Grandma’s old yearbooks and photo albums for everyone to look through.

We actually had a record player with all of grandma’s favorite records playing all afternoon.


I used lots of old records for the decorations. I made dessert stands by gluing records and milkshake glasses together. I also glued together six records and put Grandma’s pictures in them for a photo cluster decoration.


Above is the cluster of records with photos glued to them.


This is the day after the party and we were cleaning up all our hard work. The kids are holding the fondant milkshake and jukebox before they got eaten.


This was a really fun cake to make because it was for someone very special to us. What a great way to celebrate a 65th birthday!


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