Sculpted Tree With Cute Fondant Owl Family

June 13, 2016


Last week I was on vacation and very busy making this cake. I was so excited because this was my first sculpted cake that had an internal structure made of PVC pipes. I have always wanted to make a cake with structure but I have been a little intimidated and not quite sure how to do it.

For my birthday last year, my husband bought me the best cake decorating book in the world. It was written by Liz Marek and is called Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating. There are so many neat things I have learned in this book and I’m so thankful to Liz for sharing all the helpful tips in cake decorating. My tree was put together just like Liz’s tree in the book but I added other details and decorations to make it more like my style.


I titled the cake “The Byrd Family.” The two owls in the nest are my parents and the three little eggs are me and my two brothers. My parents initials are etched into the tree trunk as well. Even though our family isn’t the same anymore, I love to make things that represent our family as a whole.


The nest was covered in lots of tiny fondant strips that looked like dry grass, leaves, etc. The nest is the only part of the tree that would be cake. The rest of the cake as a whole is RKT.


The “bark” of the tree was made of 50/50 modeling chocolate and fondant. The tree is made of RKT and covered in the 50/50. I used my Wilton tool to score the fondant and make all the wonderful lines of bark.


I hope you like the cake and don’t forget to check out Liz Marek’s book.


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