Graduation Cake With Purdue Theme

June 26, 2016


It’s a little past graduation time but this week I made a cake for someone who graduated high school and is attending Purdue in the fall.  The colors of the high school and Purdue are both black, gold and white. This made it easy for the cake color palette and design.


Early in the week I cutout the Purdue logo to dry and painted it gold a few days later. I also made the diploma and grad cap at the beginning of the week. I had two fondant graduation cap squares cut out and drying when I remembered the last time I made a grad cap, the square top sagged. I even dried the square for a whole week but it just wasn’t stable. This time, I got rid of the fondant squares and cut out a cardboard square and covered it in fondant. The base of the cap was made of Rice Krispies Treats sculpted into a half ball and covered in black fondant.


The stripes, logo and tassel were hand painted with gold luster dust and vodka. Painting fondant with gold or silver luster dust is harder than it looks. Each time I paint fondant with these dusts, it’s streaky and patchy in places. I really need to figure out how to make this part of cake decorating easier and better quality.

I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for checking out my blog!


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