Princess Castle Cake – 3rd Birthday

August 2, 2016


Yesterday our family and friends celebrated my daughter’s 3rd birthday. We had a giant royal birthday party with a castle bouncer, a tea party, pin the nose on Olaf, under the sea digging pool, pink pony races and even sword training.

This year for my daughter’s party and cake, she wanted something to do with princesses, flowers and the color pink.  I thought a castle of her very own would be perfect…and it was.


Above is Princess Portlin and her pink pony, Snoopy. We tell stories every night before she goes to bed and most of the stories are about adventures with Portlin and her pony.


The towers of the castle, also called turrets, are made of styrofoam rods (I got these at Joann’s) and ice cream cones. I covered each rod in fondant and let it dry overnight. The roof of the towers were made of sugar cones. I cut out individual circles and layered them from bottom up. The little fondant circles are perfect shingles for the turrets. I attached the cones to the rods with royal icing.


The bottom cake was a 7 inch vanilla cake that was colored pink inside. The top cake that the turrets are on was a 6 inch styrofoam dummy cake.  We didn’t have many kids to feed so I made the smaller cake.

I tried to put the decorations in groups of three or spelling out 3. (flags, towers, roses, #3 in window) I love doing little details like this to see if people really notice. My husband noticed right away! Anyway, I love making cakes for my kiddos and I’m so blessed to have them.



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