Birthday Cakes Throughout The Years…

August 17, 2016

For this post I thought I would share my kid’s birthday cakes from the last 9 years. I actually started cake decorating six months after my son was born in 2007. Wow, time really goes fast! I still love the art of cake decorating and I’m so blessed to be able to do it.

Katch’s cakes….


My son’s 9th Birthday – Rollercoaster theme (Cedar Point in Ohio)


8th Birthday – Whale shark under the sea theme


7th Birthday – Beyblades theme

skylanders cake

6th Birthday – Skylanders Giants theme

power ranger cake

5th Birthday – Power Rangers Super Samurai theme


Angry Birds Cake – 4th Birthday

4th Birthay –  Angry Birds theme


Madagascar Cake – 3rd birthday

3rd Birthday – Madagascar Movie theme

2nd birthday cake

2nd Birthday – Random cars theme

froggy cake

Froggy 1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday – Froggy theme (From the Froggy Books – our favorite!!)

Portlin’s cakes…


3rd Birthday – Princess theme


2nd Birthday – Doc McStuffins theme


1st Birthday – “No more monkies jumping on the bed!” theme


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