Sculpted Football With Notre Dame Leprechaun

September 20, 2016


Last week was our second Notre Dame football game ever. We lost to Michigan State but we had a great time at the game. I decided to make another cake for the tailgate party and this time I made a giant football with another mean looking leprechaun on top.

I’ve only done a handful of sculpted cakes and this is one of them. I started out with three 13×9 inch cakes. I stacked them, iced them and put the cake into the freezer to harden the cake and icing. Ten minutes later, I used a really sharp serrated knife to carve the football. I printed out a simple picture of a football and used it as a guide for the size and shape.


This is my second fighting leprechaun of the season. This little guy was like a bobble head doll. I wanted to exaggerate his head so I could show all of his angry features.


He really wants to fight someone!


I really like the look of the leprechaun jumping out of the cake. For this look, all I did was cut triangles and place them toward the figure. I then bent the tip of the triangle away from the figure to make it look like the football was busted open.


Here’s the cake at the tailgate party….plywood makes a great table! I hope you enjoyed my Notre Dame tailgate cake and I hope to do another in a couple of weeks. GO IRISH!


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