Giant Tennis Ball Cake

September 23, 2016


This cake was made for a beautiful girl who was turning 18. That’s a big birthday because all the sudden you’re considered an adult….but you’re a still a kid too. I created decor that represents her life and what she loves to do.  Tennis is the main theme here and by the giant tennis ball on top, who would guess she LOVES tennis. I really enjoyed creating this cake because I love making little detailed decorations that make the cake a one of a kind.


I don’t know a lot about tennis but I really enjoyed making the fondant tennis bag, racket and little tennis balls. The bag is made of Rice Krispies Treats and covered in fondant.


I made the princess crown by shaping the tiara around a can of green beans. It’s the only thing I could find that had the right shape and size I needed for the cake. I laid the can on it’s side and covered it in wax paper and placed the ropes of fondant on the can to dry. After it was totally dry, I sprayed it with gold Wilton Color Mist.



The giant tennis ball topper is the main focal point for the cake. (The ball was a styrofoam ball that I purchased at Joann’s craft store)  I wanted the ball to look furry like a real tennis ball. To get this look, I used a technique with a grass piping tip. All you do is lightly push and twist the tip into the fondant. I remembered a great tutorial I had seen a long time ago by Krazy Kool Cakes that showed how to make fur on a fondant Elmo topper. Here’s the link below:






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