Halloween Forked Eyeball Cake Pops

October 31, 2016


It’s that time of year again….HALLOWEEN!!! Our family loves Halloween and this year I wanted to share how I made this spooky forked eyeball cake pop.


So, I’m not going to go through the whole process of making a cake pop but I will share how I made the cake pop look like an eyeball. Usually lollipop sticks are used for cake pops but this time I used plastic forks that looked like real silver. I found these at Walmart but they are a bit pricey compared to normal plastic utensils.

First, I dipped the tips of the forks into melted white chocolate and stuck the fork half way through the cake ball. I placed the tray of forked cake balls in the refrigerator for 10 minutes so the chocolate glued the ball and fork together. The cake balls are then dipped into the white chocolate and placed back on to the tray. Next, I cut out circles of colored fondant for the iris of the eyes and smaller black circles for the pupils. I placed the circles on the dipped cake balls with a little bit of vegetable shortening. I took a toothpick and put a tiny dot of white chocolate on the pupil to give it a “real” eye look.  I whipped up a small batch of royal icing and colored it red for the veins in the eye. The tiniest hole was cut in the end of the piping bag so my red veins would be nice and thin when piped in the eyeball.


Here are our spooky carved pumpkins for tonight.


Kylo Ren and Strawberry Shortcake!


Forrest Gump and Wednesday Addams!


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