Gravity Defying Spaghetti Cake

November 4, 2016


Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and this year I decided to make him a gravity defying cake. He loves spaghetti and I thought a big bowl of it would be a perfect birthday cake.


In my last post I talked about using plastic “real” looking silver utensils for my forked cake pop eyeballs. I had left over utensils from the eyeballs so I decided to use one of these forks in my gravity defying cake. The fork is actually glued to a wooden skewer and covered in fondant and buttercream sauce. It’s so simple.

For the actual cake, I carved a chocolate cake into the shape of a tall bowl. Then, I covered it in white fondant and starting making yellow noodles. Boy, did it take me a long time to make the noodles. I used a small clay extruder when I really should have used a pasta machine. I need to invest in one of those! Anyway, I draped the noodles around the edge of the bowl and piped orange/red buttercream on top. The Amicolor gel color I actually used was called terra-cotta. I also added crushed oreo cookies to the buttercream to make it look like spices and chunks of other spaghetti ingredients.


When I brought out the cake my kids couldn’t believe that it was a cake. I even made a piece of garlic toast out of rice krispies treats that was covered in fondant. Sometimes cakes like this are hard to eat because your mind plays tricks on you. One year, I made my husband a cake that looked like bbq chicken wings….he really had a hard time eating that one and was a little grossed out!


What a wonderful time we had with all of our family for my husband’s birthday. We look forward to having many more! We love you, babe.



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