Busy Cake Poppin…

December 11, 2016

This weekend my son’s school had a Craft Holiday Shop for students to buy small affordable gifts for Christmas. I decided to participate and get a table to sell some goodies. I ended up making both chocolate and vanilla cake pops that were covered in white chocolate and dark chocolate.  I also sold some hand painted ornaments that I made for next to nothing.


The reindeer cake pops above were so simple to make. The pops were dipped in dark chocolate a left to dry. The eyes of the reindeer were Wilton white flat sprinkles with drawn on pupils with an edible pen. The noses were red fondant rolled into an oval shape and glued on with melted chocolate. After drying, I put the pops in bags and tied the bag with tan pipe cleaners.


These cake pops are the party pops! I made these same cake pops for both of my kid’s birthday parties. Kids really gravitate to the sprinkles. I used paper straws from the craft store as the stick but I had to cut off two inches from the original straw because they were a bit long. For the pop stand, I wrapped two boxes in Christmas paper and stacked them for a cheap and easy set up.


The snowman pops were made of vanilla cake and covered in white chocolate. I used vanilla cake on these because chocolate cake tends to make the pops very dark. After the dipped pops were dry, I piped on chocolate eyes, mouth and a orange chocolate carrot nose.


These are my hand painted ornaments that sold pretty well. I really should have made more Cubs ornaments…we are in Chicago Cubs territory! Other ornaments that sold well were the semi personalized ones, like “BEST DAD EVER and BEST SISTER EVER.”  Now I know for next year what themes to focus on.  These ornaments were wood slices from a branch in my father-in law’s backyard. We cut 50 slices, sanded them and drilled a hole in each for the ribbon hanger. I painted and glittered each ornament with love…just like I do with cakes!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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