Plants Vs. Zombies -Chomper Cake

January 7, 2017

This week I decided to make a gravity defying cake for my son. It’s Christmas break so I had some time to fiddle with cake stuff and come up with something I’ve never made before.


This is a Chomper! My son plays the game Plants vs. Zombies and it has so many characters that are colorful, creative and very weird. The game is made up of all kinds of plants that are fighting zombies to keep them out of their town.

I decided to make a chomper because it’s a main character in the game that eats zombies. I really wanted to create another gravity defying cake and this was a good time to do it. The shape and make-up of the chomper has nice curvy lines that have an organic flow, like the of a stem on a flower.

I got my carpenter tools out and put together pvc pipes and flanges on a solid wood base. I referenced my favorite book, Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating, for structure help.


Chompers eat zombies! I decided to sculpt a half eaten zombie leg that hangs out of the mouth of the chomper. I tried to tell a story using the cake and the board together. I put footsteps in the mud on the board showing that the zombie was walking and the chomper gobbled him up, leaving only his leg.


Here’s me and my little guy and his crazy video game.


There wasn’t much cake in this chomper but just enough for our family. The bulk of the cake was made of Rice Krispies Treats, styrofoam and PVC. I made a couple of mistakes with the structure of the chomper but I’m so glad this was just a cake for my family….they’re my testers! The head of the chomper was in two parts, the bottom was RKT and foam and the top section was cake. The main mistake I made with the head was I put too many RKT on the bottom of the foam…hanging RKT really DON’T work. After we cut into the cake the RKT started to sag and separate from the foam. I learned my lesson!!


Above is the aftermath of my family devouring the chomper cake. As you can see, the bottom of the chomper head totally fell off. I still have so much to learn about cake structure and sculpting. I really enjoyed making this cake for my son and learning how versatile cake can really be.



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