50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

May 9, 2017


This past weekend I made a cake for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  The focus was on the couple and the motto they have for their marriage, “Together Forever.” The cake was decorated with circles that represented a huge part of their marriage, their kids and grandkids. What an accomplishment, 50 years with your soulmate!


I made the cake topper a week before the party so that it had plenty of time to dry.  This was the first time I had made glasses for a fondant figurines, they were pretty cute. All I did was take my needle nose pliers and bend the floral wire into circles. Don’t forget, whenever you have non edible items on cakes to always tell your customer to remove before eating or don’t eat the figurine at all…it’s just for decoration. It’s crazy to say but some people would seriously eat the glasses. I had one customer when I first started making cakes eat a whole figurine in one bite! I said “There’s a toothpick in figurine! It’s the internal structure for the fondant and you just ate it!” I guess he was okay the next day because we didn’t hear anything from them…..I’m glad they were family friends. (It was actually half a toothpick, but still I couldn’t believe he just ate it)


The larger circles on the cake represented the couple’s kids and grandkids. Initially, I was going to paint the names on each circle but it just looked to harsh. I tried black writing, blue and white writing for the colored circles but it just didn’t look right.  And then I remembered these little letters in the clay section of Michael’s craft store near our house. I imprinted each name on the fondant circles with the clay text embossing set. It looked so much better than writing them and much more elegant.


Above is the rice cereal love seat that the couple was sitting on. I made a big batch of rice cereal treats, let them cool a bit and shaped them into a tiny couch. Later, I covered the rice cereal treats in brown fondant and used a Wilton tool to score the fondant to make it look worn. I also brushed brown petal dust on sections of the couch to give it a “leather look.”


Here’s to long marriages and many more years to come!!!


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