My First Drip Cake

June 6, 2017


Last week I had the pleasure of making a cake for a great girl and her friend on their graduation. Drip cakes are so popular right now, so when coming up with ideas for the cake we decided to incorporate the drip technique with graduation decor.  The school colors I need to use were light blue, white and black. The cake had a lot of blue on it so I decided to throw in a little color with the pink flowers, meringue cookie drops and little yellow tennis balls. The graduates play tennis so I wanted to put something to do with the sport somewhere in the cake decor. I formed yellow fondant balls and used a bone tool to make the seam pattern on the ball. It’s pretty subtle but cute.


For this cake I had to gather all my sprinkles, colored sugars and chocolate. I made white chocolate bark with a marbled technique and also added candy balls and sprinkles to the bark. It was my first time making bark and also my first time making meringue cookies. I looked at so many meringue recipes and they’re all different. I picked a recipe and my first batch turned out ok but my second batch was disaster. At lease I had a couple of cookies to chose from.


I also used the buttercream watercolor technique for the base color of each cake. I iced the cakes in white buttercream and then put them into the fridge to chill. Fifteen minutes later, I put dabs of blue buttercream on the cake and used my scraper to spread the blue throughout the cakes. Here’s a link to the tutorial I followed:



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