Tangled Rapunzel Tower Cake

July 21, 2017

Rapunzel, let down your hair….


My daughter turns 4 in a couple of days and the theme for her early party was from the movie Tangled.  Just like every year, I sat down with my little one and sketched out her cake for the big party. The famous tower was the winner for the cake design.


This year we celebrated Portlin’s birthday at Grandma’s house. I had to make the cake early and transport it across the country as carry on luggage. The cake was made in two separate pieces and put together before the party. The tower cake was basically a display cake so I made cupcakes for everyone to eat. I made 24 cupcake toppers that all had to do with the movie.  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of them! The toppers: pascal face, lanterns, paint and brush, braid, satchel with crown, #4, Rapunzel face, sun symbol.


The cake was made up of PVC pipes and Rice Krispies treats. I made the top of the tower so that it  was placed securely in the pvc of the tower base. I covered it all in fondant and let it dry for two weeks before we traveled. There were minor cracks and smashed shingles but overall it made it safely.


The fondant that I used for the shingles was very soft so I needed extra support from the toothpicks to keep the shingles from drooping. I left the toothpicks in for 3 days to really harden up.


This is the birthday girl the day after the party….eating fondant off the cake.


The ivy on the tower and the grass on the base was made of royal icing. I used my grass tip and piped messy ivy throughout the cake. I made tiny flowers with my plunger cutters a week before I did the ivy. I had my daughter put all the flowers on the royal icing before it dried. I wanted to let her help on her very own cake, she loved it!


Here she is blowing out her four candles in her cupcake.  I ment to take photos of all the decorations that the kids and I created for the party. I made little frying pan plates for the cupcakes and tissue garland for the cake table.


Each little girl got a yarn Rapunzel braid to wear at the party. My mom and I created these great braids and they seriously weren’t hard to make….a little time consuming, but fun. We also made paper lanterns attached to yarn, purple flags, banners and WANTED posters. We also played a couple of games that the kids really loved: pin the frying pan on Flynn Riders nose, limbo, Tangled trivia, and a Tangled scavenger hunt. Overall it was a great party and our little one had the “best day ever!”




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