It’s Been a While…

May 2, 2018

Hello everyone! This is my first post in a long time. Life has been very busy and filled with new adventures. My family and I have moved back to the Valley and are so excited to be back in the Southwest. I haven’t done a whole lot of cake decorating in the past 10 months but here’s my first cake of the season.


I created a 3D teddy bear cake for my daughter’s best friend. I’ve never made a sculpted cake like this one so I was excited and up for the challenge. I must say my skills were a little rusty but they came back, thank goodness. The birthday girl was turning four and she’s a princess like my little girl. I made a fondant crown, flag and fondant confetti for decor. The pink fondant toy teddy bear also had a crown to match the big teddy bear.


I used five 6 inch confetti cakes for the base of the teddy body and the head. I stacked three of the cakes and carved them into a round body shape. The head was also carved and stacked on the body. With the scraps of cake from carving, I made a cake clay for the legs, arms and ears. Cake clay is shredded cake with buttercream mashed into a moldable mixture. It’s the exact recipe of cake pops. After I attached the body parts I put the cake in the fridge to chill. I used my Wilton grass piping tip for the fur. This process took a little longer than expected. Before I started piping the fur,  I attached the bear’s fondant paw and foot pads. Along with the snout, eyes and inner ears to finish it off. The fur looked more natural when the buttercream was piped around the pads instead of putting the fondant pads on the piped buttercream.  I had a great time making my first cake in a long time for someone I love!


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