Succulent Anniversary Cake

May 20, 2018


Last week I made an anniversary cake for our great friends celebrating 12 years of marriage. I was so excited to make this cake because I was able to make a simple yet creative cake. The simple part was the textured buttercream that was made with the end of my spatula. I iced the cake smooth and then put my spatula tip at the top of the cake. I spun my turntable and moved my spatula down the cake and this made the horizontal lines on the cake. The texture was simple and rustic, yet elegant.


For the succulent plants I used some of my flower cutters for their shapes. When making succulents you want the pedals to be thick and plump, unlike the petals of flowers. I made different shades of green and purple fondant and made a variety of shapes and sizes. I also dusted the plants with brown and purple petal dust. The barrel cactus were made of Rice Krispies Treats, covered in fondant. To fill space on the cake I piped plant vines and mini star tipped buttercream drops. I hope you enjoyed this cake!!


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