Nautical Baby Shower Cake with Waves

June 3, 2018


This week I made a really cute wavy baby shower cake for a small group of ladies. The nautical baby shower cake was clean and pretty simple to create.  I started by covering my 6 inch vanilla/chocolate layered cake with white fondant.  The ombre waves were colored layer by layer.  I began with a ball of lightly colored blue fondant, rolled it out and cut a wavy line for the waves. After I placed it on the top lip of the cake I took my ball of light blue fondant and added a tiny bit more blue gel color. A new wave was placed an inch below the top wave of the cake. Each wave I made I added more and more blue gel to the fondant ball.

The red anchor was made five days before the cake was assembled so that it had plenty of time to dry.  Every time I make a centerpiece fondant decoration or a complex decoration I make at least two or three of the item just in case one breaks. That means I have a lot of little leftover random fondant decorations in a box waiting to get used. Everything from bows to crowns and Mickey Mouse ears. In the future, I can always pull from this box of decorations and change it up a bit with gold luster dust or air brush it a new color. This stuff never goes to waste.


I love incorporating names or lettering with my fondant decorations, like this rope. It adds movement to the cake and is so simple. On my daughter’s 4th birthday cake I used Rapunzel’s fondant hair to  spell out the birthday girl’s name. The sand on the base of the cake was made from crushed graham crackers and white and brown sugar. I put buttercream on the cake board so that the graham mixture would stick on the board.  I hope you enjoyed the my wavy cake!!



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