11th Birthday- Fortnite and Baseball Cake

July 20, 2018



Yesterday was my son’s eleventh birthday and boy was it a great day! We were busy all day doing birthday activities throughout the city of Seattle. He got to swing with circus professionals at Emerald City Trapeze and eat the best BBQ you could ask for.

This year my son is totally into the video game Fortnite. When we designed his cake together he wanted the focal point to be his favorite character, Carbide. He also wanted Carbide posing in my son’s favorite Fortnite dance, the “hype.” The cake design was also based on baseball, the Seattle Mariners and the city of Seattle. He loves the Mariners!


The Fortnite character was made from a wooden dowel with wire arms and a foil body. Obviously this decoration would not be eaten. The baseball glove topper is a replica of my son’s actual glove. It was made of rice cereal treats  covered in brown fondant. The Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier were made of fondant. I dried the buildings for a couple of days and then put windows on them. There’s one thing my husband wants to see before we leave Seattle and that’s a whale. I put the whale tail on the cake design to remind our family of the ocean and maybe someday we’ll see a real whale!


The picture above was of the back of his cake. My son also loves lacrosse so I had to put it somewhere in the cake design.  He plays for the Vipers and has a golden stick that he got from the Notre Dame lacrosse team.  GO ND Lacrosse!!


The cake I made was a carved oval from a 9×13 inch baking dish. My son likes thing simple so we had a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. We’re not at home where I have all of my tools and baking equipment. I did bring a pencil case with my best tools to do the job… mini rolling pin, ball tool, Wilton tools, ruler, piping tips and toothpicks. I improvised on some of the design applications and this sure does make you appreciate having good equipment and supplies on hand. I used a hand mixer to make my batches of buttercream and I sure am glad I have a KitchenAid mixer at home. It sure does save time!!


It’s crazy that our little man is eleven. Making cakes for my children is one of my most favorite things to do. Each year you can see them change and evolve into little people. So blessed.


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