Fondant Pokemon Ball Cake

September 18, 2018


One of my favorite things about cake decorating is being able to personalize each cake that I create. I love getting all kinds of information about the birthday boy or girl to make their cake special and one of a kind. This cake is for awesome little boy who we love and is a friend of our family. I picked his brain one day about all the things he loves and the things that represent him. And here it is…


The birthday boy loves Pokemon and is turning 9. He said that lightening bolts are his thing and to put a couple of those on the cake. He really does have a shirt with lightening bolts on it too! He started his own sweeping business and I decided to put a little broom on there to represent that. He loves music (Toby Mac) and playing his keyboard. He also just got appointed to the safety patrol team at school…that’s what the lime green vest is for.


The Pokemon ball was actually made of rice cereal treats and formed into a ball with the Wilton Ball pan. I covered the rice cereal treats in chocolate melts and covered that in fondant. Normally I would make the ball out of cake but this time it needed to be rice cereal treats.


I asked my kids what they thought about the fondant figurine of their good friend and they said he looked too excited or scared. I went ahead and changed his eyes and now I think he looks like totally different kid. It’s crazy how just by changing the iris and pupil placement in the eye changed his whole face. The birthday boy also has the best dimples ever…


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