Fondant Book Birthday Cake

September 30, 2018


This week I made a birthday cake for my son’s teacher. I decided to make an open book because the teacher loves to read. I also found out that she really likes the color yellow.  With those two facts, I created the book cake with fondant flowers on a wooden board. The class also wrote cute notes for their teacher on 25 colored circles that resembled balloons. The balloon notes were placed on skewers and put into a big bunch of yellow daisies. I wanted to tie this into the cake design so I added colored fondant circles to the book cake to make them look like a bunch of balloons. I also imprinted “Happy Birthday” on the fondant balloons with my clay impression letters.


I started with a half sheet vanilla cake and carved it into the shape of an open book. I gave it a crumb coat of vanilla buttercream and covered the whole thing in ivory fondant. I used a ruler to make lines on the sides of the cake to resemble pages.  Brown luster dust was brushed on the sides of the “pages” to give them dimension. I should have used more of the dust to really get into each line for better detail. The top pages on the book were separate fondant squares placed on top to mimic real pages that were curled at the edges.


The apple was made of rice cereal treats and covered in two layers of fondant. The cereal treats were extra bumpy so I needed double coverage of fondant for a smooth apple. The bookworm was fondant on a spaghetti noodle.


I hand painted the writing on the pages with a charcoal luster dust and lemon extract. Overall it was a cute cake but could have been better with more definition in the pages.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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