I love making my cakes personal! I try to add some sort of fondant figurine to each cake  to give it character and make it unique. I use Wilton fondant or I add Tylose powder to any fondant so it will dry fast and hard. You have to work quickly when it comes fondant because it starts to harden within a couple of minutes.  I usually use a skewer, toothpick or a lollipop stick to give the figurine internal support. I’m always looking for new sculpting techniques to learn because you can almost make ANYTHING out of fondant.  Enjoy!



Gumpaste Bassett Hound with Fire Hydrant


Gumpaste Penguins of Madagascar




fondant buddy the elf









  1. I have a question how did you do the fire hydrant I’m in desperate need to know can you please email me ladicakestreats@yahoo.com and let me know it will be so appreciated thanks !

    • Hi shay! The fire hydrants are pretty easy when you get the hang of it. You need red fondant, knife and round cutters (i use piping tips). I rolled out the red and used my larger round tip cutter to make the base, a circle. I then rolled another piece of red to look like sausage. I cut the ends off and that was set on top of the base. Before I attached it to the base I scored lines in the sausage with my knife. I then cut of another circle with my round tip and placed it on the sausage. I rolled out a ball and cut it in half to place on top of the last circle. Then I topped it off with a small circle. I hope this helps and my description was okay. I also love to get a real photo of what I’m are working with and just really try to mimic it with simple shapes. Have a great day and good luck.

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