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BRUTUS the Buckeye Cake

November 20, 2016


This weekend I created a cake for a family friend that was of the Ohio State University mascot, Brutus the Buckeye. I had no idea what a buckeye was until I did a little research on the mascot. A buckeye is a nut from Ohio that is supposed to bring you good luck when you carry it. ┬áThere’s my lesson for the day.


Here he is, Brutus from Ohio State.


This cake that I created was HUGE! It measured 9 inches tall by 14 inches wide. I started the cake by stacking four 11 x15 inch chocolate cakes. You can’t see it but I put a structure in the cake. Basically it’s two cakes stacked on each other with dowels to hold it up. Any cake that is over 6 inches must have dowels or some sort of support. If this cake didn’t have the structure, it would buckle and eventually fall over.


After the cake was chilled, I used a sharp serrated knife to carve the cake into the buckeye shape. ┬áLet’s just say I had LOTS of cake scraps that I will be using for cake pops.


I just wanted to show you how big the cake was…and my little partner.


I made the baseball hat out of rice krispies treats and covered it in fondant. The cake board was also covered in fondant to match Brutus’ uniform he wears for every football game. This was a fun cake to make and I’m glad I got to learn a little more about Ohio State University.