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Puppy Dog Birthday Cupcake

August 5, 2018


My daughter turned five last week and we celebrated with a puppy party. She loves dogs, even though we don’t have one. She’s been asking for the last two years for a dog to call her own…Maybe someday!

Once again we were away from home for my daughter’s birthday and I had to improvise on the cake design. I decided to make all the decor on a decorated cake board and have it sized and ready for a jumbo cupcake. With packing bags and getting ready to travel across the country, I broke down and purchased a store bought cupcake from the local grocery store. Let’s just say the cupcake wasn’t made with love….but she really enjoyed it!


The dog was modeled after a Jack Russell terrier but turned out to be a little more plump than the dog in the picture. The terrier was made of rice cereal treats and covered in fondant. I really would have liked to use modeling chocolate for the fur so that I could blend the seams and make it look more natural. Everything on the board was made a week before the party so it all had time to dry.


The puppy party went throughout the day and the birthday girl even looked like a puppy with her ears and painted face. In the morning the doorbell rang and there was a little stuffed puppy that had a note attached to it that said “please adopt me.” It was great! I can’t believe my baby is five and headed to kindergarten. I thank God for these precious moments.