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Star Wars Cake – 10th Birthday

May 30, 2017

Last week we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday…2 months early.  We wanted to have his birthday party with all of his friends before everyone left for the summer. It was such a fun party and I know all the boys and Katch’s little sister loved it! The theme this year was all about Star Wars. Like I’ve said in the past, it’s so neat to see my kids change and evolve into these little people that love different things every year. Last year it was all about ROLLER COASTERS and this year with the video game Star Wars Battlefront and the movie Rogue One, my son was hooked on Star Wars! I asked him to sketch out ideas for cakes for his big birthday and the main thing he wanted was two lightsabers crossing on the front of the cake. So we came up with this…


I must admit, it was hard picking decorations to go on the cake because there are so many iconic things that represent Star Wars.  My son definitely wanted a DeathStar and an AT-AT Walker. We also wanted to represent different planets and worlds on our cake. On the base of the cake, I created a wooded forest to represent Endor where the Ewok live, the desert of Tatooine with a Sarlacc creature and the cold snowy planet of Hoth.


The DeathStar was actually a styrofoam ball that I bought at Joann’s with my 40% off coupon. I covered it in gray fondant and was able to work on this when I had a spare moment during the day.  R2-D2 and BB-8 were made from rice krispies treats and cover in fondant.


We also decided to put the most famous saying on the front of the cake in white, “May the force be with you.” It really stood out from the black fondant. The lightsabers on the middle tier were glowsticks that I activated right before the party. I stuck them in the styrofoam dummy cake and quickly made little handles to make them look like true lightsabers.


The AT-AT Walker took the most time to make. There were lots of little details that I tried to incorporate and keep it authentic looking.


I covered each cake in black fondant and splattered the fondant with white airbrush paint to represent “outer space.”


The ewok I made was a tiny thing but it fit right into the forest of Endor.


I wanted to show you the little TIE fighters I made for the cake. They were the perfect decor for outer space because I just stuck them into the side of the cake and it looked like they were flying around.

I hope you enjoyed the Star Wars cake and I will be posting pictures of the party and the details I incorporated in the party.